Rizza Cabrera: “I’m opting out before I start to resent my craft."

Rizza Cabrera: “I’m opting out before I start to resent my craft."

Heartbreaking news for the Filipino indie scene--Rizza Cabrera is stepping aside from music.

The singer-songwriter took to social media to make her statement regarding her decision to no longer perform or focus on music. "This announcement may seem useless seeing as I’ve been relatively inactive in both the online and offline music scenes for a couple of years now, but it’s a statement I need to publicize so it becomes more real to me."

Cabrera writes, "Unfortunately, it’s gotten to the point where pursuing it no longer makes sense to me. Like some ill-fated relationships, we no longer bring out the best from and for each other. So, rather than continuing on with the charade, I’m opting out before I start to resent my craft."

The 'Anything You Want' singer previously revealed that she was set on delivering a full-length record, posting live performance videos of original songs on YouTube over the year. With her announcement, she has revealed that she will no longer be pursuing the project. "Eventually, I’ll most likely release all the songs that were intended to be in the project, but no longer as a person who does music for a living - no big announcements, no release parties, nothing."

On the lighter side of things, Cabrera, who wrote and performed the music for Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff's wedding video, clarifies that she isn't going to stop writing and that she will continue to accept "select commissioned works from time to time."

Watch her goodbye vlog below:

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