Sam Rui gets 'Down' with FAUXE in stunning R&B single

Sam Rui gets 'Down' with FAUXE in stunning R&B single

It's been a long time since we've heard from Singaporean singer-songwriter Samantha Rui. 

But while she has been quiet lately, she did recently update us that she has an brand new EP brewing, which is terribly exciting news.

In the meantime though, she's released a velvety new single in collaboration with HYBRDTHRY bossman and ultra-prolific producer FAUXE entitled 'Down' to keep fans satiated.

This sexy smooth R&B number presents somewhat of a departure for Samatha Rui, whose past work has centered around folk and indie-pop, but she pulls it off stunningly here. Her pristine pipes pair remarkably well with this new chopped and screwed context, and if this is a preview of the direction for her forthcoming EP, consider us sold.

FAUXE's soulful delivery also impresses here, and this track continues to show that the masked Renaissance man is as good a singer as he is a beatmaker. Although he's better known as an experimental beatsmith and hip-hop producer these days - the sexy, velvety style that permeates 'Down' seems like a natural continuation of his split EP with Gema earlier this year (stream Sextape here). 

Stream Sam Rui & FAUXE's 'Down' below.