similarobjects drops surprise birthday EP

similarobjects drops surprise birthday EP

Ahead of tonight's Placed into Abyss (a fundraiser and birthday gig rolled into one), Jorge Wieneke's similarobjects releases a surprise birthday EP. 

This year has been a crazy ride yet I'm so thankful for all the experiences, people and all the magical things that I've encountered. grateful for all things that push me and allow me to create, grow and evolve. So in return here's a little Similarobjects birthday token of warmth from me to everyone.

"I wasn't supposed to release anything," similarobjects tells Bandwagon. "But I made all of that last week for a live set I played in XX XX. [I] just decided that instead of just locking it up in my HD to share it as a gift to everyone." 

"I chose Etheric as the title because of the half-human, half-spiritual quality we all posses - tried to push myself into a trance-like state when I created this whole thing and it was a challenge to get into—considering our busy work schedules," he adds.

The BuwanBuwan Collective co-founder and Darken than Wax affiliate will be celebrating both his birthday and send-off to the Ableton-powered Loop 2016 in Berlin tonight at Warehouse Eight.

Listen to similarobjects' Etheric:

'Etheric' is now available as a name-your-price download under BOTANIC Records via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.