similarobjects previews new music, announces new EP

similarobjects previews new music, announces new EP

Filipino producer Similarobjects took to social media to share a sneak peek of his new material, as well as plans for his forthcoming EP, infinite regression.

The Red Bull Music Academy alum revealed his struggle to share his new music to fans who have been used to his older sound. He also shared that he has moved on from creating a specific style and genre of music and is happier with this new direction.

Read the full statement below. 

i've been struggling alot thinking about how to share my newer material. alot of of people are still waiting on a new Future Beat / Future R&B / Lofi Hiphop Sp404 Tape but to be completely honest it's been awhile since i moved on from these sounds. most of my listeners and patrons on my mailing list have also been asked to be removed as they arent so pleased with this new direction. i guess its ok in a way the garden is weeding itself.

I just want to share that i've moved on to focusing on expressing myself in more concentrated bursts of sound rather than focusing on specific styles/genres.

I can say that i am most happy and honest with this new direction and I really feel like i am speaking with my own voice now.

if this stuff still interests you then i am thankful for ur continued patronage and for supporting who i am in sound. i hope you all enjoy this new metamorphosis.

my EP "infinite regression" comes out this year. i am more than excited to share it with you all. ty.

for now i leave u with a short excerpt of my recent burst of feelings.

Here's a peek into the new EP: