Singapore's Boiler Room: Panoptkn returns with a new series

Singapore's Boiler Room: Panoptkn returns with a new series

Back in 2011, Singaporean DJ Finding Niko (then known as Zeratone) started up his very own version of Boiler Room from the comfort of his Tampines bedroom. Known as Panoptkn, the weekly live stream ran every Sunday evening, and grew to become a must-see (or must-attend if you knew the right people) event over the months and years.

Outside of regular sets by resident DJ Niko (that term is very literal in this instance), high-profile guests like Andy VortexJean Reiki, Nez, Diphasic and Avnesh (among many others) were also known to stop by on Sunday nights to spin DJ exclusive sets.

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The live stream (and recorded sessions) gained significant traction and eyeballs from 2011-2013, even drawing an international audience alongside press attention from the likes of JUICE and Time Out as word began to spread. Unfortunately though, the programme was put on hold when Niko moved to New York City, and Panoptkn has been on an indefinite hiatus - until now.

Beginning this Thursday (25 February), new episodes will begin airing from a brand new location! And with names like Fzpz, Harv, FAUXE and FFINN anchoring the reboot episode, it looks like they're aiming to kick things off with bang.


Panoptkn (pan-opti-con). An online platform showcasing Singaporean musicians, DJs & producers (with guest spots for our international friends). Recording from bedroom studios to live venues/ club spaces. We're here to document what the Singapore music scene has to offer. New episodes air - February 25 2016. More details to be announced. Music: Finding Niko - Mr Jingles #Panoptkn

Posted by Panoptkn on Saturday, February 20, 2016


Subsequent editions will be recorded from various bedroom studios, live venues and club spaces around Singapore. As they explain, "We're here to document what the Singapore music scene has to offer", and we're sure glad the Panoptkn crew is back to do what they do best.

Watch a 2011 episode of Panoptkn below.

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