Singapore's Hear Records is now considered one of the "world's best record shops"

Singapore's Hear Records is now considered one of the "world's best record shops"

During the past few years, as many have deemed it as the years of a "vinyl resurgence", Singapore has not lacked in a supply of wax, with a number of stores opening around the island.

Among them has been Hear Records, a record shop located in Burlington Square which has been a popular choice for collectors with discerning tastes. Regularly shipping in new titles with an eclectic selection of the latest albums and classic reissues, they've maintained operations since 2013, and now it seems the rest of the world has taken notice.

In an ongoing series by UK vinyl lifestyle website The Vinyl Factory, they've dedicated a slot in their countdown of "the world's best record shops" with Hear Records.

Citing the store's broad selection and owner Nick Tan's propensity for encouraging special orders in monthly emails with extensive catalogs, Hear Records now sits alongside legendary digs such as LA's Amoeba Music (which we've also visited), UK's Rough Trade and Amsterdam's Rush Hour Records.

"Beside [sic] HEAR there are many great record shops on this island," says Nick in a statement on the store's official Facebook page. "As I always said considering the varieties of genres, prices, convenience [sic] of travel, and etc. Singapore does have one of the best music retail scene in the world! Hopefully one day, people in Singapore and around the world will recognise that and treasure it as a music hub. Xxxxx is the best in the world for Music but Singapore is also very good."

The store plans to expand to Chinatown, where they'll be opening end of October 2016.

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