You can now stream Spotify without data charges on Singtel

You can now stream Spotify without data charges on Singtel

It's a streamer's dream that we'd never thought would happen, but Singtel's pushing it forward in Singapore.

The telco giant has introduced a new initiative plainly known as Singtel Music. With the new plan, they're charging only $7.90/month for access to three streaming apps: Spotify, KKBox and AMPed. The plan includes unlimited music streaming under data, which means all data accumulated with streaming and downloading under any of the three apps will be waived in your monthly fee. 

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Despite the handy 'Offline' function for Spotify playlists, the notion of unlimited data allows storage space and, we'd imagine, instant playback of brand new albums, totally on-the-go. Singtel Music offers a 12-month contract, with the same functions that come with a regular Spotify Premium account, which costs $9.90/month with no unlimited data plan.

The plan is of course, only available to existing Singtel Postpaid customers, so you'll need to create a new line with them if you want to reap the benefits of unlimited data on Spotify.

Click here to find more info on the new plan.