Stopgap document their experience touring Australia — premiere

Stopgap document their experience touring Australia — premiere

When bands cross over the threshold to tour the world, there's plenty in store for them.

For Singaporean indie rock band Stopgap, who recently toured Australia for a few shows, this meant long, bumpy car rides with the blazing sun shining upon them, endless BBQs and Street Fighter matches, along with plenty of scenic routes and beaches. 

But just like their tour in India, it ended up as yet another eye-opening experience for the group, whose guitarist Yew Jin had to sit out, temporarily replaced by Ryan Chan of HubbaBubbas. 

What did they learn from the tour? "Actually, really how easy Singaporean bands have it, to be honest," frontman Adin Kindermann says. "Here, we don't have to lug our gear everywhere. Gigs are already equipped with drums and amps. In Australia, they DIY everything, even the backline. So it made us more appreciative lah."

Truer words have never been said — words agreed upon by fellow musician Roman Tarassov, whose own guide to performing in Australia will be published here soon.

Watch the full short film below:

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