Summer Siren Soundtrack: Activities and Songs for the Festival Lull Time

Summer Siren Soundtrack: Activities and Songs for the Festival Lull Time

For almost two months, we’ve seen the rise in temperature help identify how the music aesthetes of today react to intense heat. There are those who go out into the night with good friends, great music and the best ice-cold drinks one can have. There are those who put on their most comfortable clothes, turn on the AC in their rooms full blast and dance around their bedrooms to their favorite summer songs alone.

And then there are the ones who drop everything and hit the beach. Yes, the lucky and (quite frankly, in this heat,) the crazy attend beach festivals, particularly during the weekends, to dance with the sun as their favorite musicians play in harmony with the crash of the waves.

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This May 12 to 14, Travel Factor offers you the chance to experience this — and more. Aside from the promising lineup and the venue upgrade, this year’s Summer Siren Festival has come up with a whole lot of activities that will keep you and your friends busy and on your feet for the entirety of your trip.

We at Bandwagon are excited for the festivities already, but we’re pretty sure there will be moments when people would just want to stop and chill for a bit, like the beach bums we all truly are. So when your need to recharge calls louder than the Siren’s song, here are a few things you can do (and the perfect tunes from the festival lineup to listen to while doing them):

5. Eat to beat the heat. Go on a food trip.

Do it: while your friends are too busy jet skiing or banana boating and you’re wiped out after your Inflatable Island adventure.

While listening to: Quest’s ‘Sige Lang’ to cheer you on while you indulge in just one more scoop of ice cream, and ‘Paborito’ (which he sings with Reese Lansangan) as you wolf down your post-swimming snack. 

4. People watch for a while in one of those awesome parties they’re throwing.

Do it: when you find yourself too excited (You are on a yacht after all, and will soon be rocking the waves with UDD, Gab and John of Urbandub, Quest and Sud onstage!)

While listening to: Jet Boado’s ‘Beats Bass Booze’ (and although its title might suggest otherwise, the track is quite steady, a balance between sounding soothing and lively at the same time.)

3.  Power it up and push yourself to the limit by joining a Crossfit session.

Do it: when you start feeling guilty for pigging out on your first day in paradise (see #1)

While listening to: Katsy Lee's ‘Days of Our Flow'. It starts with the perfect combination of good morning vibes and nostalgia that transcends into quite a powerful track, leaving you energized and ready for Day 2.

2. Swim in your own creative juices at one of the arts and crafts workshops.

Do it : when you’re hungover from heeding the call on Day 2

While listening to: any and all of UDD’s melodic tracks. Check out ‘Unti-unti’ as you slowly pick yourself up and veer away from inebriation.

LISTEN: UDD, Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan and Jensen Gomez give fans a Valentine's Day treat with brand new releases


1. Hop on a tour bus and discover Subic beyond the festival.

 Do it : when you’re ready to bring your experiences inland and make the most out of your 2017 summer escapade.

While listening to: Kio Priest’s feel-good single ‘We’ll Never Know.’ With the epic that you will have experienced, you are sure to relate as he croons, Can we give it one more night…before we say good bye? 


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