The Geeks to launch Weirdly! Relatable! Content! EP

The Geeks to launch Weirdly! Relatable! Content! EP

The Geeks are set on delivering their Weirdly! Relatable! Content! EP this December.

The upcoming launch is set to take place at Tomato Kick in Tomas Morato on December 1 (Saturday) with special performances by Ciudad, The Strange Creatures, Basement Lung, Rusty Machines, and Orange & LemonsWeirdly! Relatable! Content! follows the release of 2017's The Double-Sided Sophomore Slump.

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The EP features six tracks the Filipino indie act describes as "[eschewing]  all the musical progress from the last record and brings back that old and tired Geeks formula—sappy, four-chord songs about girls who they’re too afraid to approach, intense feelings of i s o l a t i o n, and the depression that occasionally comes with it!"

Tickets to The Geeks' Weirdly! Relatable! Content! EP launch will be available at the door for PHP 450 (with a copy of the EP + one free drink) and PHP 250 (with one free drink). Pre-order Weirdly! Relatable! Content! EP here.

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Watch The Geeks' 'I hate this place as much as Liz hates the Winchester' lyric video below.