You can kick zombie butt and play 'Harana' on The Last of Us Part 2 – watch

You can kick zombie butt and play 'Harana' on The Last of Us Part 2 – watch

Everyone knows The Last of Us Part 2 is all about kicking zombie butt, but did you know it's also part-guitar sim?

That's right—you can kick back from all that zombie slaying to play guitar at certain points of the game (unfortunately, you can't bring it around with you) and jam to whatever tugs at your heartstrings. Over the weekend, Filipino guitarist Paolo Gregorio jammed the Christian church song 'Ama Namin' and Parokya Ni Edgar's 'Harana' with Ellie in-game. 

"I started the 'Ama Namin' cos I thought it's easy to play in the game (the chords are easier to navigate)," Gregorio tells Bandwagon in a message. "Then I decided to record it and share it on Facebook. I felt that my friends will find it cool to see Ellie play a Tagalog song, better yet a song for church!"


Gregorio, who admits to being "that guitar dude" at school, adds that a friend shared his cover on a PS4 Buy and Sell group on Facebook that evening. The following morning, he woke up to over 300,000 views and 7,000 shares."I post some music stuff (covers, guitar stuff, me singing) before pero like at most 100 likes lang," he quips.

Besides Gregorio, Midnight Meetings' Ashley Gosiengfiao also fiddled around with the guitar-playing mini game to remake the band's 2016 single 'Sa Aking Pagpikit.'

Watch her new take of 'Sa Aking Pagpikit' below.

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