The Pharcyde brings their bizarre ride back to Singapore

The Pharcyde brings their bizarre ride back to Singapore

Legendary hip-hop group The Pharcyde will be returning to Singapore next month.

As many local fans will remember, the Los Angeles rap luminaries have previously turned in two incredible performances here - during 2013's Big Wig Festival and 2015's headlining gig at the old Kilo Lounge.

And it seems like Imani and Bootie Brown have taken quite a liking to the Lion City because they'll be keeping up their two-year show cycle here with another concert at the new Kilo Lounge.

Presented by Kilo Lounge Thursdays and FOB Asia, The Pharcyde is slated return date is set for Thursday, 13 April at 10pm.

Watch their seminal Spike Jonze-directed music video for 'Drop'.

Revered for influential albums like Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde and Labcabincalifornia, alongside classic singles such as 'Drop', "Passin' Me By' and 'Runnin' (produced by a then-unknown J Dilla) - the group's off-kilter vision, left-field lyricism and sharp sensibilities have made them cult icons in the game.

Even in their later years, up till this day, The Pharcyde (either individually or as a unit) still continues to be one of the most challenging and charming hip-hop artists active today. While they were seen as prodigies during the 90s', today they're held in the same lofty regard as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

The Pharcyde will be supported by Matteblacc's head honcho JNR. Tickets for the show are priced at $40 and can be purchased here.