The Rest is Noise removes Jensen and the Flips from year-end line-up

The Rest is Noise removes Jensen and the Flips from year-end line-up

In a statement made earlier this morning (11/22), The Rest is Noise has decided to remove Jensen and the Flips from their year-end line-up, amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. In making this decision, The Rest is Noise continues to stand against "any vile or reprehensible behavior that exploits and abuses women."

Read The Rest is Noise PH's full statement below:

In light of several deeply disturbing allegations, one of which was confirmed by the accused band member, we've decided to withdraw our invitation to Jensen and the Flips to perform in our year-end show.

We are reaffirming our position; we do not and we will not condone, tolerate, or enable any vile or reprehensible behavior that exploits and abuses women. We stand by them and we hope that with this action, we can help get their voices heard and stop normalize this behavior.

Last month, a local producer was dropped from the line-up for the same reasons. 

[UPDATE: 22 NOVEMBER 2017 11:56 PM] Jensen and the Flips have responded to the allegations with an official statement:


Red Ninja Production, who are also hosting a year-end party on the following weekend, has released the following statement:

As a production run mostly by women, we have been striving to show our community that we are strong and independent - that we can make a difference not because of gender, but because we are all equal.

We believe that each person should be treated with respect, and has the right to voice out their thoughts and feelings. We commend those who are brave enough to come forward and raise these issues. We have your back and will try to continually create a community with a safe environment.

We are currently trying to gather more information and speak to the parties involved, but sexual assault and harassment is something that is definitely not ever going to be tolerated in Red Ninja.

At the end of the day, while these issues aren't unique to the independent music scene, we hope that this can eventually serve as a catalyst for everyone in it to learn, be better, more aware and more accountable.

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