These Brittle Bones' sound matures on exciting new track 'Healing' – listen

These Brittle Bones' sound matures on exciting new track 'Healing' – listen

Singapore was first introduced to These Brittle Bones in 2012, when Chris Jones was a tender 13 years of age and writing spare, emotional music in his Singapore bedroom, where he grew up. Now, Jones is a university student in London, returning with a new song, 'Healing'.

In some senses, things have not changed: 'Healing' is still anchored by piano and the recognisable quaver of Jones' voice. But it dives headlong into the explicitly electronic direction Jones started to pursue with his 2016 Effects EP. Halfway through, 'Healing' moves into a wordless, cinematic space that, in the right setting, has the potential to be absolutely transcendent.

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Jones wrote 'Healing' with Jack Gourlay, who's worked with artists like Jess Glynne, Jack Garratt, and Tom Odell. Gourlay also produced the track. The origins of 'Healing' are deeply personal, as Jones reveals via a press release:

'Healing' came at a time when I allowed myself to feel resentment without shame, without feeling guilt at the fact I felt pissed off. The song became about standing my own ground without repressing my irritation to please others. It was a real moment of learning the importance of self-love: a shifting point where I allowed myself to stop apologising for who I am or how I choose to define myself."

Listen to 'Healing' by These Brittle Bones below: