Travis Scott releases new song, 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM'

Travis Scott releases new song, 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM'


"I'm the highest in the room (It’s lit) / Hope I make it outta here (Let's go)" – As promised, Travis Scott has released his latest single 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM'.

Written by Scott and produced by OZ and Nik D, the track is a resplendently on-brand listen that ably lives up to the title printed on the tin. It's sprawling; the synths and textures that compose its body are sky-high in scale and sweep. Every inch of songspace is accented with the smoky pall of reverb. Par for the course with his fantastic third album, 2018's ASTROWORLD, 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM' is a magnificently heady listen with great transportive power.

On the song, Scott toasts to his relationship with Kylie Jenner and flexes hard. 

Listen to 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM' below.