TWICE's SANA drops cover of Kobukuro's 'Graduation' - listen

TWICE's SANA drops cover of Kobukuro's 'Graduation' - listen

TWICE's Sana has unveiled a very special gift for graduating students in Japan. 

On 24 February, the singer released a cover of Japanese folk-rock band Kobukuro's 2020 track, 'Sotsugyou (Graduation)' via TWICE Japan's official YouTube channel.

The song is sung from the perspective of schoolmates who are reminiscing their time together as they prepare to graduate. 

The most noticeable difference between this version and the original is that the former begins with a 50-second-long a capella segment featuring Sana's angelic vocals.

The Japanese K-pop sensation had previously starred in a special music video for Kobukuro's version of 'Sotsugyou (Graduation)', in which she appeared in front of screens depicting various locations in Osaka — the hometown of both Sana and Kobukuro. 

Additionally, both the version of the song heard in the video as well as an accompanying full a capella version were released on Spotify.

Japanese ONCE can also look forward to catching Sana at TWICE's upcoming virtual concert on 6 March

Stream Sana's cover of 'Sotsugyou (Graduation)' here: