WATCH: Akeem Jahat pimps Nasty Juice in 'NA$TY' music video

WATCH: Akeem Jahat pimps Nasty Juice in 'NA$TY' music video

For those not into the #vapelife, Nasty Juice is actually a major distributor of vape e-liquid in Malaysia, specializing in delicious fruity juices. And in a sly bit of marketing, the extremely popular Melaka-based brand has now tabbed a rap icon from across the Causeway to ambassador their product in a wonderful track and music video aptly entitled 'NA$TY'.

With close ties to names like Joe Flizzow and SonaOne (read out interview with him here), Akeem Jahat is well-known and well-respected in the Malaysian scene, which explains why a Malaysian company would pick a Singaporean MC to champion their product. And to his credit, Akeem really delivers here with expectedly clever Malay verses (about vapes of course) and infinite swagger.

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In terms of flow and structure, the song is indeed a direct play on an Akeem staple called 'LVL 22s' - but this witty spin-off is imbued with enough originality, energy and well-produced visuals to stand on its own.

Watch the music video for Akeem Jahat x Nasty Juice - 'NA$TY' below.