WATCH: Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews #006 - Top 10 Singapore LPs of 2015

WATCH: Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews #006 - Top 10 Singapore LPs of 2015

Every week, our editors take a moment to step out from of their desk and on to the camera to talk about some of the most exciting record releases out right now in our brand new video series! Welcome to Bandwagon Recent Record Reviews!

This is the big one folks! We waited till the final day of 2015 to pass (just in case there were any surprise drops) to give you Bandwagon's definitive list of the best 10 Singaporean LPs of 2015. Yes, while we ran down the best local EPs of 2015 last week, this edition of Recent Record Reviews will be focusing solely of full-length efforts! And as difficult as it was to narrow the EPs down, this LP list proved be far harder.

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There are some significant and very good albums that failed to make this list (LPs that could conceivably be #1 any other year), and that's simply down to the strength of Singaporean releases in 2015. After much spirited debate, the Bandwagon editors (Daniel Peters and Hidzir Junaini), together with senior writer Karen Gwee, finally managed to settle on a definitive Top 10 list.

Here are the Top 10 Singapore LPs of 2015


And if you disagree or agree with any of our opinions (art is subjective after all), we'd love to hear from you in the comments section too. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy!