WATCH: Shoegaze band Heals release video for their latest single 'False Alarm'

WATCH: Shoegaze band Heals release video for their latest single 'False Alarm'

Bandung-based alternative rock band, Heals are far from ordinary.

The band was formed in 2013 which comprises Alyuadi Febryansyah (lead vocals/guitar), Reza Arinal (back vocals/guitar), Muhammad Ramdhan (guitars), Octavia Variana (backing vocals/bass) and Adi Reza (drums). Being influenced by bands such as My Vitriol, Sunny Day Real Estate, Tokyo Shoegazer and the likes of it, Heals deliver music in a style along the lines of new wave and shoegaze.

After digitally releasing their latest single 'False Alarm' on February 9, they released the official music video on February 20. The song will be one of the featured tracks on their forthcoming debut album Spectrum, which will be out soon.

In collaboration with Qrimson Studio, Heals had MD Natsir to illustrate the album's artwork. The process was rather brief and had pictures taken in Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Bandung area. You can now watch the music video through FFWD Records' YouTube channel as well as stream it from various streaming services.

They even made a simple game up on their official website. The band guitarist, Eca who wrote the song attempt to portray a condition where someone is depressed over their own thoughts and feelings. He explained:

Sometimes we go through phases of over thinking towards negative things that we have experienced or will experience. Which in fact, that kind of condition is a false alarm. We want people to live more laid back, think moderately on the right portion and capability, as well as keeping calm when finding solution for every problems."

Before this, through FFWD Records' instagram account, Heals have also posted a brief announcement regarding their upcoming debut album 'Spectrum'. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Monolove
2. Lunar 
3. Azure
4. Overcast
5. Anastasia
6. Void
7. False Alarm
8. Dazed
9. Wave
10. Warp

From 2015 to 2016, Heals have released three singles such as 'Void', 'Wave', and 'Myselves'. The band that is known for their layers of distortion and melodic vocal works are on their way on finalizing their debut album. Lead vocalist Alyuadi states:

Hopefully this could be an alarm for every surprises 2017 has to offer."

Watch the music video below: