WATCH: Of Methodist's disorienting, stylish new video for 'Resonance'

WATCH: Of Methodist's disorienting, stylish new video for 'Resonance'

As much as we've been enjoying the music of 18-year-old Of Methodist lately (learn more about his work here), we're sure glad to see the artful singer-producer venturing beyond the anonymous sonic realm of SoundCloud and Bandcamp to unveil his first ever music video!

Directed and edited by himself with the help of Ng Jia Quan on the cameras, his new visual document revolves around 'Resonance' — the centerpiece track taken off his Pvlgrim EP, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Michelle Mouw. The ruminative number is taken into the sunlit forest for this stylish video, and it beautifully follows the reverie footsteps of two haunted individuals.

This music video for 'Resonance' is an absorbing four-minute exercise dealing deftly with the psychological aftermath of conflict and trauma, and its languished, dreamy imagery should linger in your mind long after the video is done.

Watch the full video below.


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