WATCH: tide/edit performs 'Yoake (Part I)' live at the Red Room

WATCH: tide/edit performs 'Yoake (Part I)' live at the Red Room

ICYMI, instrumental rock outfit tide/edit just came out with the Japan release of their sophomore effort Lightfoot. For this reissue, the band has included two new and exclusive tracks - the first of which being, 'Further', which made it's Philippine radio debut on Jam 88.3's Fresh Filter and online video premiere last week.

tide/edit has also recorded the Red Room Sessions, a three-part video series of the new tracks included in the reissue.

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The band talks to us about the second track reveal, "Yoake (Part I)": 

NELSON VILLAMAYOR (guitar): I have my personal backstory with my inspiration in writing Yoake that I choose not to tell, but it has a connection with You (being) Ok..?

NOE RUBIO (bass): Its the scenery at 5 am which gave me the idea for the title. "Yoake" means "dawn" or "daybreak" in Japanese. Listening (to it) brings back memories of school - getting up early to not miss the flag ceremony. The feeling of throwing all your cares to the wind after getting off work, early morning from overtime. A good visual reference would be Coldplay's music video for "Yellow".

JAWIN PAGADUAN (drums): Yoake is one of my favorite tracks in this album because of its calmness. Whenever I feel emotional or stressed, I always listen to this track and it makes me feel happy and alive. It's like a victory song for me and my bandmates. It's like saying, "You've done a great job! Let's celebrate life!"

CLARENCE GARCIA (guitar): Again, intended as a fully acoustic track, we recorded it instead on a full band setup. We've been trading lots of ideas for this track and it took so much time to write this piece of music. I remember when we went to record Yoake, we weren't really sure of each other's parts and we spent a long time trying to get the counts and repetitions correctly. Yes, this is just the first part.

Watch the video for 'Yoake (Part I)' below:

Stay tuned to get the scoop on the next installment of tide/edit's Red Room Sessions. 

The Japan release of 'Lightfoot' is out now on CD format via Friend of Mine Records and available at Tower Records, Like A Fool Records, Stiff Slack, More Records, Senseless Records and soon on A Spur of the Moment Project

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