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What The Sparrow Did To You release emotional new EP, Gestalt

What The Sparrow Did To You release emotional new EP, Gestalt

The Depok-based pop trio, What The Sparrow Did To You, just released their latest EP titled Gestalt on cassette and digital through the Jakarta-based DIY label, Sailboat Records.

Comprised of Adtria Fachri, Avinnala Yunus and M Fitrah N, this EP features additional vocals by Putri Ayu Lestari, with lyrics were written by M Fitrah N.

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When listening to this EP, you might find yourself immersed in Gestalt's moody atmosphere, but the mixture of aggressive beats conjures despondency, moreso than ever — the kind of music to listen to on lonely, contemplative afternoons. This is expressive emo music packaged with such finesse that you won't hear the edges.

Or as they described on their Bandcamp

departure/arrival of someone (or someone going to be) important in your life. These people - what they left and would leave on you - are pretty much different with each other. That's also why we make these songs sound radically different with each other."

Listen to Gestalt below:


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