Wired Music Week announces Phase 1 line-up – Laidback Luke, Markus Schulz, Arkham Knights and more to attend

Wired Music Week announces Phase 1 line-up – Laidback Luke, Markus Schulz, Arkham Knights and more to attend

Wired Music Week, Southeast Asia's premier dance music conference and festival has been making waves within the global electronic music industry since its debut in 2018. WMW has established itself as a prominent platform for music industry insiders from around the world to gather and connect, igniting creative discourse on the industry as a whole, as well as providing diverse networking opportunities.

WMW has announced a slew of new plans and partnerships as we approach its third edition in 2020. 2020 is set to be WMW’s biggest year yet, as it announces a new roster of partnerships with Zouk Genting, Plural Asia, and Paul Neuteboom to introduce exciting new pillars within the WMW umbrella.

After two wildly successful runs, WMW's third edition will take on the theme of sustainability. WMW's founder, John Beh said of the new theme: "The rise of new technologies has increased our consumption of music content at a rapid pace, thus enabling trends to come and go faster than ever, creating new barriers and disruption within the music industry. The theme aspires to inspire conversations, bringing the industry together to explore new methods to maintain the sustainability of electronic music in today’s modern world."

Now, Wired Music Week has revealed its Phase 1 line-up, which can be found in full below. 


To elevate the 2020 conference and festival, WMW is collaborating with Zouk Genting to give its attendees a complete destination experience, with its sub-outlets Empire, Redtail, and FUHU serving as the backdrop across the four-day event. 

Apart from WMW's collaboration with Zouk Genting, the conference series has also announced two new partnerships with Plural Asia, and Paul Neuteboom. 

WMW's partnership with Plural Asia will introduce a brand new initiative; Wired Black, which focuses on the growth and expansion of the underground electronic music scene. The key theme for Wired Black for its inaugural year is "Evolution. Revolution", and aims to discuss the current strength and development of the underground electronic music scene in Asia. Wired Black will encompass a multitude of activities such as keynote talks, panels, workshops, and masterclasses. 

In order to expand its landscape, WMW will also be introducing a new pillar, Connect: China. This pillar will see participation from a multitude of Chinese music industry professionals to discuss issues within the industry, from the point of view of Asia’s global economic leader. 

Wired Music Week 2020 Phase 1 Speakers:
1. Stijn Van Dijken [NL] - Event Manager, Revealed Recordings
2. Jacob Merlin [US] - Chief Marketing Officer, 1001tracklists
3. Oskar Eichler [GR] - Chief Operating Officer, 1001tracklists
4. Evan Sacks [US] - Chief Executive Officer, 1001tracklists
5. Adam Mathews [MY] - Founder, Plural Asia
6. Karla Wong [MY] - Founder, Plural Asia
7. Paul Neuteboom [NL] - Chief Executive Officer, Brotherhood Music
8. Keith Tan [SG] - Director, Marketing Development, Cdbaby
9. Akhda Khalid [IND] - Chief Executive Officer, DanceSignal
10.Sanjeev Raj [MY] - Entertainment Manager, Kyo Club KL
11.Mack Hampson [UK] - Commercial Director, Musiio
12.Tobias Fowler [AUS] - Director, Abstrkt
13.Robin Leembruggen [NL] - Head of A&R & Artist Relation, Liquid State
14.Jesper Skibsby [DK] Chief Executive Officer, WARM
15.Kyle Bagley [US] Chief Executive Officer, Groove Dynasty
16.Stephen Dowler [US] Brand Manager APAC, Monstercat
17.Jonathan Charles [MY] Pisco Bar & JK58Asia
18.Zaran Vachha [HK] - Co Founder, Collective Minds
19.Wayne Lee [SG] - General Manager, Zouk Singapore
20.Mikail Schemn [PH] - Founder, CC:Concepts
21.Roshan Menon [MY] - Founder, Saturday Selects
22.Joseph Ryan [UK] - Directors of Special Projects, Zouk Genting
23.Nigel Hills [MY] - Head of Production, Zouk Live
24.David Luce [CA] - Founder, Shft Asia
25.Michiel Roosjen [NL] - Co Founder, House of China
26.Merlijn Poolman [NL] - Nightmayor, City of Groningen
27.Alex He [CN] - Chief Executive Officer, Beam Artists
28.Erik Leenders [NL] - Managing Director, David Lewis Productions Asia-Pacific
29.Ronin [SG] - Creative Director, Superface Club

Wired Music Week 2020 Phase 1 Artists:
1. Laidback Luke [NL]
2. Markus Schulz [GR]
3. Arkham Knights [UK]
4. Irwan [NL]
5. Nakadia [TH]
6. Dexter King [CN]
7. Ailia [CN]
8. Izzi [CN]

Wired Music Week 2020 Phase 1 Industry Panels & Keynotes:
1. The Evolution of The DJ and Production Industry Over The Past Two Decades By Markus Schulz
2. Balancing & Sustainability - Artists Living A Double Life
3. Music Sustainability: Label Deals vs. Independent Releases Debate
4. Radio In A Streaming Age
5. Unlock The Value of Global Radio Airplay Data
6. Music Festivals: Make, Break or Sustain
7. Data Insights: How & Why Data Matter? - (Hosted By 1001tracklists)
8. Mental Health: What has changed, Since our last discussion?
9. Zouk: Creating Club Experiences Anywhere
10.Going Green: The Music Industry’s Impact on The Environment

Wired Music Week 2020 Phase 1 Workshops:
1. Revealed Recordings Pres. Social Advertising For Artists
2. Revealed Recordings Pres. How To Get Signed By Record Label
3. Musiio Pres. AI & The Future of Music Search For DJs
4. Laidback Luke Pres. The Power of Creative DJing

Wired Black 2020 Phase 1 Panels:
1. Young & Thirsty: The Art of Moving The Young Over To The Underground.
2. From Nothing To Something Big: From Bedroom DJs to Warehouse Parties, Understanding The Trajectory.
3. The Evolution of Revolution: Keeping Underground Music Alive, How Does One Do So In A Market Where The Underground Is Shifting Towards Mainstream.
4. Queer History and Its Role In Keeping The Underground Alive.
5. Creating A Better Network Through Journalism.
6. Record Labels & Publishing In Asia.
7. The Art of Negotiation - Being A Music Director In Asia, Today & Yesterday

Connect: China 2020 Phase 1 Panels:
1. Streaming Music Within The Great Firewall
2. China: A Guide & Strategic Plan To Work Your Way Around The Region
3. China’s Role In Asia and The World: Now and The Future

Wired Music Week 2020 is set to take place from 12 March 2020 till 15 March 2020 at Zouk Genting, Malaysia. Get your tickets here