Work From Home with IV of Spades' Zild Benitez

Work From Home with IV of Spades' Zild Benitez

The ongoing community quarantine has affected members of the Filipino music scene, including IV Of SpadesZild Benitez.

When they aren't haunted by their inner ghosts, the 'Ang Pinagmulan' act are either on the road to their next sold-out show or tucked away in their home studios working on their next big hit. These days it's been more of the latter, to the point that they even turned into monster hunters for their latest music video, conceptualized by Benitez and their creative director Daniel Aguilar.


But besides working on music, what else has the band's bassist/vocalist been up to?

Bandwagon caught up with Benitez to check in on what he's been doing since the enhanced community quarantine kicked off, what he does to keep in touch with fans, and his plans after this lockdown is over.


How has your work life changed since the quarantine began?

Staying home is not unusual to me except that my parents and my siblings are always here which is the unusual thing. Not seeing Blaster and Badjao is odd too since I hear their voices almost everyday. I miss going outside. 

How do you stay connected with your fans?

I try my best to stalk some accounts with our picture on it. If they're funny, I won't laugh. If they aren't funny, I would laugh.

What are you looking forward to after lockdown is lifted?

I do hope that live music will come back soon. The future looks really unknown and I don't know how this crisis would affect the culture of live music. I think people would try to empathise more after this lockdown and be [more] selfless.

Take us through a day in your quarantined life:

12:46 P.M.

Every time I wake up, I go straight to the bathroom. Sit and do something glorious. Stare at this window and let the reflection of the walls suck my brain. The bathroom is a fine place for contemplating.

1:01 P.M.

I make sure that Kafka is still alive. I spend some time with him. If he doesn't want me to be with him, I step back. But if he wants to use me to feed him or to play around his with fur, I'm on it. He's been with me for 2 months.

1:31 P.M.

After eating lunch, I get a cup of coffee to help my mind stay active. 

2:43 P.M.

I use my computer.

4:24 P.M.

I try to read something whenever I get drained from doing something. But I do find a hard time reading at home since I know that I could use that time to create something. I find it easier to finish a book while travelling.

7:10 P.M.

My little sister introduced me to the fine combination of Fita and Nutella. It's quick to make and simple.

9:30 P.M.

I try to do something way different from the things that I do the whole day. In this case, I play this game called CSGO. I'm a noob, but I do win sometimes.

11:30 P.M.

Chamomile tea helps me to be calm sometimes. I try to have it every night and pray that it would help me to fall asleep. I also try to write in a journal anything that I'm experiencing and feeling during this self-isolation.

1:28 A.M.

I discovered this band called IV OF SPADES. I saw that they have a new song that came out. They're okay. Check them out.

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