Here's what IV of Spades, Munimuni, Sandwich, UDD, and more are up to at home during the "community quarantine"

Here's what IV of Spades, Munimuni, Sandwich, UDD, and more are up to at home during the "community quarantine"

Cabin fever is rising. People are risking their lives as they wait in massive lines at checkpoints to get to work. The best we can do right now is stay indoors and keep our hands germ-free.

Now that gigs have been put on hold due to the enhanced "community quarantine," Filipino artists—from Zild Benitez of IV of Spades, Ean Mayor of UDD, Sandwich, to Agnes Reoma of Ben&Ben—have taken it upon themselves to keep the spirits of their fans up. They aren't going to let the coronavirus pandemic change the way music and art play a part in their lives. With videos they shared over the past few days, it's clear they're doing whatever they can to exercise their brains through this lockdown.

Gigs are cancelled, here's how you can support your favorite musicians

Check out these work-from-home shows and releases below.



Offshore Music

Grrl Cloud


Clara Benin and Gabba Santiago

Zild Benitez, IV of Spades



Ean Mayor, UDD

Ygo Ferraz, Ysanygo

rich caramat, typecast's steve badiola, sleepersecond's jezi matias

Raymund marasigan, squid9

Iggy San Pablo, Rusty Machines

Agnes Reoma, Ben&Ben

Dekada '70 Cast

Bayanihan Musikahan

Oh, Flamingo!


Flu & Bea Lorenzo

The Ransom Collective

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

Christian Bautista

Noodle Perez, Thirds

Slow Hello


Intolerant, Thirds, Zero Four Hero

Basti Artadi




The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends everyone to regularly wash their hands, cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, and shortness of breath, contact the DOH COVID-19 Hotline at (02)8-651-7800 local: 1149-1150.

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