Yerin Baek returns with her latest album 'tellusboutyourself', sharing a new sound and stories of transformation

Yerin Baek returns with her latest album 'tellusboutyourself', sharing a new sound and stories of transformation


A year after showing the world “every letter she sent to you”, Yerin Baek is back to “tell you about herself”.

Revolving around a narrative of transformation and growth, the Korean singer-songwriter has just released her latest album tellusboutyourself, which explores a whole new side of Yerin Baek, both sonically and lyrically. 

Stepping away from the dreamy soundscape of her debut album Every letter I sent to you., Yerin is tapping into a rich spectrum of music genres new to her current discography. Taking on the sound of deep house and synth-pop, this new album is a direct reflection of the type of artist Yerin Baek has evolved into since she first stepped into the spotlight in 2015. 


“With tellusboutyourself, my fans will get to listen to my current taste and traces of thoughts because it’s a compilation of songs that I want to perform on stage at the present time. I hope it shows that I’m capable of telling more than love stories, and that it's all-English lyrics engenders opportunities to meet my fans across the globe,” Yerin tells Bandwagon. 

The 2020 Melon Music Award winner shared that the album has been in the works since 2019, having spent the last year accumulating stories, experiences and adventures to make sure it’s “more intuitive and instinctive” than the last album.

“I tend to write based on true events that have happened to me and affected me. I went through a lot of unexpected events in 2019 and a lot of changes too as I had a new start at a new label. Quite naturally, the music I listen to also started to change, and during this transformation I was joined by a new producer who trusts me and is well versed in new genres, which I think really helped diversify the style of this album,” she said. 

tellusboutyourself features 14 tracks, including two lead tracks ‘Hate you’ and ‘0415’, both of which dives into downsides of loving and caring for someone, stories that we have yet to hear from the singer. 

“I wrote ‘0415’ right when I was thinking about wanting to place my voice on a deep house track. This one’s based on a true story. While I always tend to fear meeting new people, I met a new person and my worries nonetheless came true, so here I complain, ‘why does this only happen to me?’,” said Yerin. 

‘Hate you’, in particular, is a far cry from the singer's current arsenal of songs. Popularly known for her delicate and sweet sound, the track takes on a darker and heavier tone, something Yerin is excited for people to hear. 

“It probably has the most amount of swearing out of all of my songs. I’m often told that my voice is thin and delicate, so I’m very interested to see what it’d be like for people to hear my voice in this kind of song,” said Yerin. 

Aptly named, the track talks about directly telling someone you hate them. “I wrote [‘Hate you’] by rather listening to my gut feeling to tell the person I hate directly, ‘I really hate you, but I hope you know who truly cares about you.’ Hopefully, it comes across not as hatred, but as sincere advice for someone I truly care about,” she shared. 

Beyond music, the singer-songwriter has also been heavily involved in producing the tracks and visual elements of the album, including the photography and styling, wanting to make this record the true embodiment of who she is as an artist. 

While gracing a live stage still seems unlikely, Yerin will be sharing an array of music videos instead so that fans can thoroughly enjoy the latest peek into her heart and mind through tellusboutyourself

Listen to Yerin Baek’s tellusboutyourself here: