Ylona Garcia unveils new single 'Don't Go Changing'

Ylona Garcia unveils new single 'Don't Go Changing'

Ylona Garcia is back!

In an announcement made by 88rising, the Filipino-Australian act returns with a brand new single 'Don't Go Changing' this 14 September 2021

This comes as the singer-songwriter's second release under 88rising, following her power anthem 'All That' which dropped earlier this year.

In a previous interview with Bandwagon, Ylona shared that she's ready to conquer the global stage with her unique brand of "pop with a hint of R&B and a dash of old soul".

"I feel very motivated and excited. You know, when a car's engine has just turned on and you're ready to just step on the accelerator, it was like that. It felt like I wanted to go 180 on a 45-speed limit, I just wanted to go (laughs)," said Ylona. 

Listen to Ylona Garcia's 'Don't Go Changing' here. 


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