Diego and Ge Mapa share their indie pop-packed GeGo Valentine mix – listen

Diego and Ge Mapa share their indie pop-packed GeGo Valentine mix – listen

Diego Mapa and Ge Mapa share a kind of love you'd only find in your favorite rom-com movies.

They're a perfect pair—Diego's in a lot of bands (Eggboy, Tarsius, Pedicab, The Diegos, Cambio) and Ge is a graphic designer, washi tape artist, and visual artist who's worked the vinyl sleeve artworks of Pedicab's Remuda Triangle and Rico Blanco's Your UniverseThis married couple swims in the same whirlpool of creativity that even if their fingers are all pruned up, there's still no way of pulling them out.

Diego and Ge shared their very own GeGo Valentine Mix with Bandwagon, a special list of songs perfect for Valentine's Day.

Check out the GeGo Valentine Mix below.


Love Among the Stars - The Cherry Orchard 

We listened to this song a lot when we “ahem”, were still dating.

I Love You Like The Way I Used To - Rocketship

This song is a killer, we already knew this before we got together.  

Everlasting Love - Club 8

This is one of Ge’s favorites when she DJs an indie pop set.  

More - True Love Always

Another killer pop perfect track.

Misread - Kings Of Convenience

We were able to meet Erland Oye at Kings [of Convenience] in Manila. He refused to sign my CD. He’s a dick. But still, we love this song.

Japanese Gum - Her Space Holiday

We can’t get over those lyrics!

The Joy of Living - Blue Boy

If you know Blue Boy, you’re instantly cool.

Letter Never Sent - Trembling Blue Stars

If you also know 'Trembling', cool ka.

Until I Met You - The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group 

Groovy, funky, indie pop!

Wrong Heaven - Eggstone

Dati ayaw sa ‘kin si Ge, napilitan lang yan

Into the Sun - Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon debut, timeless!

I Know What Love Isn't - Jens Lekman 

We also were able to meet Jens when he was here, he’s so cool! He can also DJ. May nag sabi sakin’ na siya daw yung Beastie Boys ng indie pop.

High - The Cure

We saw The Cure in HK with a 3 hour mammoth set! Sakit ng leeg namin sa kakatingala haha. 

True Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston

We listened to Johnston a lot in Ge’s first pregnancy, hanging out in our first shoe box apartment.

Kites Are Fun - The Free Design

The Free Design is such an essential ending to this mix. Happy Valentine's, everyone!