Bea Lorenzo highlights the art of movement in debut music video 'Ili (Hush)' – watch

Bea Lorenzo highlights the art of movement in debut music video 'Ili (Hush)' – watch

Kalimba artist Bea Lorenzo has unveiled the music video for her debut single 'Ili (Hush).'

The gorgeous visual features Lorenzo and eight dancers hand-picked by Lorenzo and director Simon Te, as they gracefully highlight the art of movement. "We didn’t want it to look choreographed so we hand-selected dancers we know we can trust to improvise movement on the spot," Lorenzo tells Bandwagon exclusively.

With dancers as artists in their own right, the Bandwagon Birthday Tour alum reveals that the creation process of the visual was "very organic and spontaneous," just as the way the song was written. The singer-songwriter has candidly confessed onstage that 'Ili' was born through singing gibberish, which she later on discovered was a word used in the Hiligaynon lullaby 'Ili-ili Tulog Anay.'

"There are many shots in the video that weren’t part of the original shot list," Lorenzo says. "Our editor opted to include footage we caught of the dancers just playing around by themselves and taking jump shots for their personal amusement. We were very lucky to find and cast dancers with natural chemistry and love for what they do. Everyone was a team player."


'Ili (Hush)' serves as Lorenzo's first single since partnering with Globe Live at Elements Music Camp 2018.

Watch Bea Lorenzo's debut music video 'Ili (Hush)' below.