Bennett Bay's new music video for 'Bonds' is a modern dance marvel — watch

Bennett Bay's new music video for 'Bonds' is a modern dance marvel — watch

We’ve had the privilege of interviewing Bennett Bay before – he’s one of Singapore’s many young, up and coming artists, having written much of his own original content, in addition to his post-rock exploits with local instrumental three-piece, hauste.

And today, the talented young artist is back in the spotlight with his exquisite new single, 'Bonds', taken off his debut album Compass.

And best of all, the composition now comes complete with an brilliant video that keeps the viewer immersed in a peculiar mix of wonder and thought throughout its six-minute duration.

The track itself features mainly strings, guitar harmonics, and a glockenspiel. It's somber chords and melodies tug at your heartstrings, gripping your attention from the start as the video opens with people of all ages, motionless in white.


Filmed by Hei Studio and directed by Clare Chong, the video gets a new life upon the appearance of dancers (clad in and painted white) around the one-minute mark, who take us through an extravaganza of moves that only keep us entranced – both in awe and thought.

Check out Bennett Bay’s new video for 'Bonds' below.

You can also watch Bennett Bay's Bandwagon Session below.