Bandwagon's guide to buying concert tickets: pro-tips, best-kept secrets for a stress-free experience

Bandwagon's guide to buying concert tickets: pro-tips, best-kept secrets for a stress-free experience


Are you having trouble getting tickets to see your favourite band next month? Did you miss out when tickets went on sale? Did all your friends book tickets, but you didn't?

Well look no further, because the Bandwagon team has created the ultimate guide on how to get concert tickets (legally) so you can catch that show you've only been to in your dreams. So long, virtual concerts—we're ready to hit the concert halls and arenas again.

Here are Bandwagon's tips and tricks on how to score concert tickets without making your heart hurt too much:

Put up a concert fund

It never hurts to plan ahead. By ipon-ing and setting aside money for your concert ticket needs, you won't have to worry when your favourite artists suddenly announce a concert in your city too close to the show date. 


Be aware of ticketing charges and extra costs

Let's go back to basics. If Camille had PHP 5,000 for a Lower Box A ticket (priced at PHP 5,000), and the ticketing platform is charging her PHP 5,500, where in the world did that additional PHP 500 come from? 

Besides saving up for your tickets, you'll also have to consider the ticketing charges, handling fees, extra costs, and tax to buy these sweet, sweet passes to see your favourite bands and artists. These fees may also vary depending on the venue, platform, and delivery options. 

Pool your friends together for a "pasabuy" party

Now this is where being friends with people in high places comes into play. And when we say people in high places, we mean those with top internet speeds and a high credit limit to buy everyone's tickets (but of course, you gotta pay them back). It also helps if they've got the fastest hands.

If you want to take things to the next level, tap your first world country friends (who have VPN) with their first world internet connections to book your tickets for you.

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Register early

This should be obvious, but sometimes the simplest things of the world were made to confound the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27, sort of). Many ticket sites require concert-goers to register and create a profile before they can purchase their tickets. Before tickets go on sale, be sure you've made your accounts and filled in all your details for faster check-out.

Familiarise yourself with the ticketing site

You'd never walk into a dark and forgotten forest without a map or a mystical compass. You wouldn't want to get lost, do you? They say that success is the journey, not the destination, but in this case, getting your tickets is the destination. And we all want to be successful.

One way to achieve success is to familiarise yourself with the ticketing platform. Practice by "booking" tickets for other events (you don't actually have to go or log in your details). While we don't want you to get stressed out too much, it does help to be prepared.

Turn on notifications from your favourite artists and concert promoters

Here's a pro tip from Bandwagon (and how we're so quick with announcements): make sure you've got notifications from artists and concert promoters on. That means having alerts—lock screen, notification center, and banners—with sound and badges on.

Or you could also subscribe to Bandwagon's newsletter!

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Block notifications from people who aren't buying tickets with you 

Following our advice mentioned above, block notifications from other people who have no business bothering you at the sacred minute ticket sales open. Lock the door, you need a safe space for this sensitive time.

Use multiple devices

Now that you've got your accounts and notifications ready, it's time to prepare for queuing. There are ticket sites out there that have queuing and timer features for their patrons. To make sure you're next in line (and fast), it's best to have your computer, phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and smart refrigerator with the ticket site open at the ready.

Be open to different options

The best seats are usually the ones that sell the fastest, so in case—just in case, don't freak out—prepare multiple backup seat and section options. If you don't figure out where you want to sit early on, it could eat up a lot of time and cause a lot of stress, and we don't want that.

On that note, you'll also have better luck finding single seats, so if you're going to a show with your friends, just meet with them later. Target sections less people would want.

Don't buy from scalpers, turn to fandom circles

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but things will never be so bad that you'll have to turn to scalpers. There will always be someone who'll sell tickets at a reasonable price at one point. Turn to trusted fandom circles who won't overprice tickets, and you'll be just fine. Plus, often times, there are people who still sell their tickets at the same price, especially when the concert draws near.

On the other hand, it's also good to have a contingency plan in case you won't be able to make it to the show. Put your tickets up for sale and pay it forward.