Karpos Multimedia on launching their own digital ticketing platform Tickelo for Karpos Live, Wanderland, and more

Karpos Multimedia on launching their own digital ticketing platform Tickelo for Karpos Live, Wanderland, and more

The local music scene is certainly back with a kind of feistiness that will inspire fans to relive it all again. Standing at the forefront is concert production company Karpos Multimedia, and they aren't stopping with just mounting the next show you'll flock off to. This time around, they're diving into a new venture—ticketing.

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With Tickelo, Karpos Multimedia is creating a digital ticketing platform with the fan experience in mind. They've been developing it over the past two years, while stuck at home due to the pandemic.

Bandwagon had a quick chat with siblings John Uy and Stephanie Uy of Karpos Multimedia to talk about the production company's latest venture into ticketing, how Tickelo came about, and their plans for future events.


Can you tell us what Tickelo is and how you guys decided to dive into the venture?

Tickelo is a digital website-based ticketing platform. We've been wanting to create our own ticketing platform for years now.

During the pandemic, we were forced to sit down and rethink and re-strategize our business model. One of our priorities was to build our own ticketing system, so we did that in the past two years. Basically, it's always been part of the plan. We're just happy to be able to launch it at this time, where live events are going back aggressively.

And with this new start, how does that work for a new ticketing platform like Tickelo?

What we're trying to do is to have different events listed there—may it be concerts, festivals, art fairs, workshops, etc. The strategy is to start with our own events first, just to make sure the user experience is up to standard. But the plan is really to list every event that we see fit for our community. For the first few events that will be available in Tickelo, it will be mostly Karpos events. We're talking about Karpos Live, which we plan to relaunch in September, and of course Wanderland.

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What sets Tickelo apart from other ticketing platforms?

We're trying to understand our market better—where they're from, what types of events that they usually want to take part in. With that data, we will be able to plan our events better, even for our future partners and clients that we'd want to list in Tickelo. So that's the major difference. I guess we will be more collaborative in strategizing with them based on the data available. And of course, it's all going to be digital.

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And can you give us a quick overview on what goes into concert ticket pricing?

The first thing to consider is definitely the profile of the fans of certain artists. For example, if it's a Gen Z type of artist, as much as possible, we want to bring down the ticket prices. We base it from there first and everything follows.

Our artists' fee or offer would depend on what we think the fans are able to pay for and what's fair. It always revolves there. But that's our way of pricing events. I'm sure it would be different for other promoters. But that's the number one priority.

But for a festival like Wanderland it's a different thing. It's mostly based on support from sponsors and partners we were able to raise and then the ticket pricing follows. City taxes, amusement taxes, withholding tax per artist [also come into play].

How can a concert promoter or producer work with Tickelo?

We will be working with different promoters soon. But like I said a while ago, we will be focusing on our events first. Then once we are comfortable with the system and the flow of the whole platform, we will welcome any events that want to list with Tickelo.

How they can work with us, basically we can provide competitive rates and of course a collaborative effort in terms of strategizing with them regarding pricing and whatever promos that we can think of together.

Join the Tickelo community here.

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