Elephant Gym dedicate new single '敬啟者 Dear Humans' to "the humans who left the Earth when the apocalypse came" – watch

Elephant Gym dedicate new single '敬啟者 Dear Humans' to "the humans who left the Earth when the apocalypse came" – watch

Taiwanese band Elephant Gym are back with a new single apt for these apocalyptic times.

On Thursday (15/10), the math-rock trio shared '敬啟者 Dear Humans', a song they wrote for "humans who left the Earth when the apocalypse came." The pensive track, written by siblings KT (bass) and Tell Chang (guitar), urge the listener to take this time to forgive, love, and cherish life. 

To all the living humans who expect or are afraid of the coming of the apocalypse: People made big mistakes. People regretted making them. People admitted the wrongs. Now, people are begging to be forgiven by the world. But why not start making amends right away? Love those who deserve to be loved. Cherish every form of life and every inch of land.

This letter is written to the humans who left the Earth when the apocalypse came. We are the pets that accompanied you in the past, but then you left us here alone. We are dogs, cats, turtles and potted plants.

And now, please listen to what we have to say.

With Taiwan being able to host music events such as Eric Chou's sold-out arena concerts last August and the upcoming showcase festival, LUCfest, the band has announced the 2020 Elephant Gymnastics Crossover Project.

Elephant Gym will be part of Shakespeare’s Sisters’ Theatre Company's Big Band Species by Wang Jiaming this month. The shows are set to take place from 23 October to 25 October at the Taipei National Theatre National Theater. Ticket prices range from 500 TWD to 2,000 TWD. Get tickets here.

The trio will also be heading back to their hometown to perform with the Kaohsiung Tube Orchestra on 5 December at the Kaohsiung University Cultural Arts Center Performing Arts. Tickets priced at 500 TWD, 800 TWD, 1,000 TWD, and 1,200 TWD are now on sale. Get them here.

Watch '敬啟者 Dear Humans' here:

〈敬啟者 Dear Humans〉


放棄了的 進化了的

The abandoned, the evolved


Do you still believe in the choice you made?


後來的 大象早就 學會遺忘

Before long elephants learned to forget

流浪的 北極熊也 在天上飛翔

Nomadic polar bears now soar in the sky

突然 一艘船 從天而降

A vessel dropped from the clouds all at once

狼狽的 沈重步伐

Plodding, trudging

你是否 就是早已離開的人啊

Are you the one who’s already left?


宇宙中 完美的家 你說那是無聊的謊

“The ideal home in the universe” You call this a tedious lie

眼前的 這片海洋 卻恢復原來的模樣

The ocean before our eyes has renewed, revived

為什麼 人類 渴望遠方

Why do humans thirst for the distance

卻 無法守護 腳下土壤

But fail to protect the soil under their stride?

你問我 該怎麼做 才能被原諒

You asked me what to do

To receive forgiveness


曾相信的 曾心愛的

Once believed, once beloved


I still believe in the choice I made


我從來 沒有離開也不想要遺忘

I never left, I don’t forget

一輩子 都在這裡等待 著你回來

Waiting for your return with all my life

好想 告訴你 不用害怕

To tell you that don’t be afraid

放下所有的 後悔悲傷

Lay down all the regrets and sorrow

只要你 願意擁抱我們曾受過的傷

As long as you embrace our woes


偶然的 巧合 已開始流轉

Circumstantial, Coincidental, Circulation

那 隨機的  安排也不斷在變換

Random orders, tireless changes

淘汰的 願望 又回來了嗎

Is the eliminated hope rekindled?

曾 緊緊擁抱的 和深深愛過的

Once caressed, once cherished

未來的 還在 遙遠的未來

The future is still in the far-fetched future

而 過去的已經消失在過去了

Yet the past has vanished in the past