Ena Mori's breathtaking 'Break' music video makes online debut – watch

Ena Mori's breathtaking 'Break' music video makes online debut – watch

Ena Mori has given her gorgeous 'Break' music video a home online.

On Monday (06/03), the Offshore Music singer-songwriter shared the Norvin de los Santos-directed 'Break' visual, following its premiere at NOOK in Alabang last Saturday (06/01) with YsanygoMikee Misalucha, Lost Signals, Tomcat, and Nathan & Mercury. The night proved that there's a lot of hope for the growing creative community down south, especially with a new home (where you can even play with a bunch of Legos and hopscotch).

"Last night was very emotional," Mori writes in a tweet after the video launch. "That was my first time organizing a show like that and I was battling so many doubts. I was so unsure if I can pull off something like this, but I was very surprised with how it turned out. [...] Creating art is something that is very important to me but to be able to share it, tell the story to people, and have an impact with my art that's what I really want to accomplish. Last night I truly felt that I did my job."

The pop singer-songwriter is slated to perform in Busan, South Korea later this month.

Check out photos from Ena Mori's 'Break' music video launch below.

Special thanks to Offshore Music and NOOK Coworking Studio.

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