ENHYPEN and Filipino ENGENEs finally connect in historic sold-out Manila concerts — gig report

ENHYPEN and Filipino ENGENEs finally connect in historic sold-out Manila concerts — gig report

You can always count on K-pop fans to show up but there’s something special about ENGENEs, arriving not only in impressive numbers but with immense energy—a feat that delightfully surprised ENHYPEN themselves. 

“The cheers are so loud, it’s amazing. To be honest, it’s not the biggest venue we’ve played in but it’s definitely one of the loudest. Our members are incredible but your energy is just phenomenal,” said Jake during Day 1 of their sold-out three-night residency at the vast SM Mall Of Asia Arena

“We’ve been to a lot of countries but the Philippines is the most passionate,” echoed Jungwon


Throughout their Manila takeover, the ‘Future Perfect’ act were welcomed with open arms, excited cheers, and heart-touching sing-alongs. While this wasn’t ENHYPEN’s first time on Philippine shores (having shortly visited Manila during their appearance at BYS 10th Anniversary “Fun Meet” last December), this was their first time performing a full concert for their Filipino ENGENEs. The excitement was palpable and intense and understandably so. 

To mark such a momentous occasion, ENGENEs went all out, filling out the adjacent streets of MOA Arena with fan projects, cup-sleeve events, giveaways, and freebies. And in the spirit of connection and community, fans even organised free jeep rides for their fellow ENGENEs commuting to the venue. From the moment, you arrived at the arena, you felt nothing but love, excitement, and passion—something ENHYPEN later then radiated during their concert. 

ENHYPEN opened the show with a ground-shaking performance of ‘Intro: Walk The Line’ and ‘Given-Taken’. Their power was apparent the moment they appeared on stage. It was all-encompassing and captive, the kind of presence you wouldn’t expect from a group that’s only been around for two years.  

The night was divided into four sections (save for the encore), each highlighting a different side of the group’s artistry. The first gave life to ENHYPEN’s incredible command of the stage and live vocals as they serenaded the crowd with ‘Flicker’, ‘Not For Sale’, ‘Let Me In’, ‘TFW’, ‘Upper Side Dreaming’, and ‘Mixed Up’

The second section showcased their precision and elegance, dancing their way to your heart with mesmerising performances of  ‘Drunk-Dazed’, ‘One In A Billion’, and ‘FEVER’. All of which were followed by playful and adorable performances of ‘Attention, please!’, ‘Polaroid Love’ (whre the members headed down to the crowd), ‘Just A Little Bit’, and ‘Tamed-Dashed’

The next part of the show was where the party began, as ENHYPEN had the entire crowd up and jumping to ‘Blessed-Cursed’, ‘Go Big or Go Home’, ‘WALK THE LINE’, and ‘Future Perfect’. The adrenaline was overwhelming, the excitement was palpable, and the fan chants were loud, fueling the group’s energy on stage even more. All before returning to stage with ‘ParadoXXX Invasion’ and ‘SHOUT OUT’ for their encore. 

The entire night had no shortage of jaw-dropping numbers from ENHYPEN, stunning the crowd and proving exactly why they’re one of the most popular K-pop groups today. But, there is no doubt that the best performance of the entire MANIFESTO in Manila run was ENGENE singing ‘SHOUT OUT’ back to the members, prompting teary eyes and full hearts. 

Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki debuted during the pandemic, ever only connecting with their fans and vice versa through a screen. It’s been quite the journey since then, with countless awards and chart-topping tracks now under their name and every step of the way, ENGENEs have always been there even as they were miles apart. 

ENHYPEN has always been about connection—in fact, it’s the very meaning behind their name, and their Manila concerts were a prime example of that. Across three days, the members and their fans exemplified what it means to be one, bonded together beyond just music. 

“When we talk about happiness, I shall remember this moment for a long time. Thank you for showing me true happiness, mahal kita (I love you in Filipino)," said Jake during their ending ment on Day 1. 

“Spending time with Manila ENGENE makes me really happy. Thank you so much for gifting me this happiness. Mahal kita,” said Sunghoon. 

“I will never forget a single second of today, thank you for coming today," said Heesung.

"So many people came to our first concert in <anila. From the very beginning to this very moment, we couldn’t have done this without the support of ENGENE. I feel like the time went by fast but it’s okay, I hope you’re happy too," said Jungwon. 

“We won’t forget your endless support and cheers. We’ll always be here to perform for you, thank you," said Ni-ki.

“This was our first show but we were a little nervous. We wanted to put on our best performance, I think we've made a lot of good memories with our ENGENEs in Manila," said Jay. 

“We will always be together as one. ENGENEs, our journey has just began so please continue to be with us. Thank you for coming, we love you," said Sunoo. 

As the members shared, their MANIFESTO tour marks only the beginning of their journey. The future is uncertain but if there’s anything we’ve learned, taking the words of Jake: it’s always ENHYPEN and ENGENE together, now and forever. 

Relive ENHYPEN's MANIFESTO in Manila here.

ENHYPEN MANIFESTO in Manila setlist:

  • Intro: Walk The Line
  • Given-Taken
  • Flicker
  • Not For Sale
  • Let Me In (20 CUBE)
  • TFW (That Feeling When)
  • Upper Side Dreamin'
  • Mixed Up
  • Drunk-Dazed
  • One In A Billion
  • Attention, please!
  • Polaroid Love
  • Just A Little Bit
  • Tamed-Dashed
  • Blessed-Cursed
  • Go Big or Go Home
  • Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)
  • ParadoXXX Invasion