ENHYPEN show desire and longing in new mini-album 'DARK BLOOD' — listen

ENHYPEN show desire and longing in new mini-album 'DARK BLOOD' — listen

ENHYPEN are back. 

On 22 May, the award-winning K-pop boy group returned with their alluring new mini-album, DARK BLOOD. Set to be the first instalment of their BLOOD album series, the record is a fantasy story about following your destined 'you'. 

"After the pandemic, I saw how ENGENEs cheered us on [while] watching us in person and I realised we have a real close and profound connection. We have incorporated this appreciation towards ENGENEs in this story. [...] It talks about our bond with ENGENEs and how precious the relationship is. It talks about a boy’s connection with destiny. It is a very easy story that talks about love," said ENHYPEN's Sunghoon at a media showcase held ahead of the album release. 


Led by the "minimal and addictive pop" track, 'BITE ME'DARK BLOOD features six tracks that all join together to tell a compelling story of desire, love, and destiny. The members even participated in the production of the mini-album, with Heesung directing their recording and Ni-Ki contributing to the choreography.

Alongside the album release, ENHYPEN unveiled the music video for 'BITE ME' which they shot entirely in Poland.

"The title track talks about how after a boy reunites with his destined one realises that they are bounded by blood and how he wishes to be bitten again [by his destiny]. I think you'll be able to relate to it when you focus on the lyrics, which deliver a strong and powerful message," shared Heesung.

DARK BLOOD marks the beginning of a new chapter for ENHYPEN, after recently concluding their MANIFESTO era which also comprised their first-ever world tour. This new beginning sees the group stay in touch with their strengths and signature concepts while still expanding their horizon and abilities as performers. 

"If you look at ENHYPEN, you think of this unique dark vibe, and I think that's a colour and concept unique to ENHYPEN," said Jungwon

Listen to ENHYPEN's DARK BLOOD here.