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Eraserheads to launch Ultraelectromagneticpop! anniversary merch

Eraserheads to launch Ultraelectromagneticpop! anniversary merch

You can soon wear your love for the Eraserheads' debut album Ultraelectromagneticpop! 

The iconic Filipino rock act will be unveiling their Ultraelectromagneticpop! merch in celebration of the record's 25th anniversary at Saguijo Cafe + Bar in Makati City on January 26 (Saturday) with performances by Hilera, One Click Straight, Pinkmen, Jun Lopito, Ena Mori, and Nobody's Home.

On Sunday (11/13), vocalist Ely Buendia clarified on Twitter that the upcoming launch is not a reunion show nor will the Ultraelectromagneticpop! vinyl be available for release by then. Merch at the event will include "exclusive T-shirts and other goodies related to the 25th Anniversary celebrations."

Entrance to the Ultraelectromagneticpop! 25th Anniversary Merch Launch is PHP 250.

Check out the poster below for more details:

Stream Ultraelectromagneticpop! below.

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Ultraelectromagnetic Pop! 25th anniversary merch launch.

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