Here's everything you need to know about JYP's newest girl group, NMIXX

Here's everything you need to know about JYP's newest girl group, NMIXX

JYP Entertainment, the land of iconic K-Pop girl groups, is set to debut another powerhouse. 

NMIXX, the soon-to-be newest JYP girl group, is the first group under JYP's 4th Artist Headquarters, SQ4D, and JYP's first girl group after three years following the debut of ITZY, and the success of the likes of TWICE, Miss A, and Wonder Girls. 

The girl group was first teased through a pre-promotion project on YouTube over a period of 4 months from August to November last year, featuring 14 episodes of the members singing, dancing, and rapping. 


Branded as "your next favourite girl group", Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sully Yoon, BAE, Haewon, and LILY have already gathered a strong fanbase. The limited edition of their debut album, which was sold as a Blind Package, recorded 61, 667 pre-orders last July although no information was provided, and their official YouTube channel surpassed 22.4 million views just five months after its opening with their pre-debut project, JYPn. 

NMIXX is soon to make their mark in the K-pop industry with the debut single album 'AD MARE', on 22 February 2022. JYP highlights that the group consists of "all-rounders who are not limited to a specific position, and they are a '7-7-7 all ace' group consisting of 7 vocals, 7 dances, and 7 visual members", building anticipation for their debut. 

Prior to their debut, we collate everything you need to know about these talented rookies — from the meaning of their group name to a rundown of every member. 


Made up of the letter 'N' meaning now, new, close and the unknown variable 'n', and the word 'mix', which symbolises diversity, the name 'NMIXX' suggests the girls are the next best thing — "the best combination for a new era". 

Showcasing members of various charms, skills, and alluring visuals all in one group, NMIXX has set the bar high for their upcoming debut. 


The debut single album 'AD MARE' is set to hit global markets on 22 February. The single album contains two songs -  the title track '0.0', and the b-side 'TANK'. 

The digital pre-save is now open on, and the physical album includes a photobook and photo cards, which fans can pre-order on the JYP fancafe website.


Prior to their debut, the members appeared on the famed idol variety show, Weekly Idol, which will be streamed on 23 February 2022, giving the public a taste of their personalities. 

The group also held a video call event for fans who pre-ordered their debut release.



As the leader of the group, Haewon will be the representative of the group, leading them through their debut as they navigate live shows, interviews, and events. Haewon is also one of the vocalists in the group and speaks English and Korean fluently. A well-known JYP trainee, she has appeared in the JYP Trainee mini-showcase in 2018 and 2019.


The all-rounder of the team, Jinni is the rapper, vocalist, and dancer of the group. Known for her stage presence, Jinni joined JYP in 2016 and performed at the JYP Trainee mini-showcase in the same year, earning her own substantial fan base. She also appeared in 2PM Nickhun's 'Lucky Charm' music video in 2019 as the elusive lead. 


Yet another multifaceted member, Jiwoo joined JYP Entertainment in 2018 and was a student at DASTREET DANCE. She also majored in Entertainment at Hanlim Multi Arts School, the same high school as TWICE's Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu.


Rapper, vocalist, and dancer of the group Kyujin might be the 'Maknae on Top'. She is currently a student at Withbill Dance Academy and Hanlim Arts High School. 


The lastest of the group to join JYP Entertainment, Sullyoon was cast through a private audition in 2020 and is a vocalist and dancer of the group. Talented from the start, she was a former Woollim Entertainment trainee before passing the auditions for SM, YG, Fantagio, and TR, but decided to choose JYP in the end. She was originally planned to debut as a member of Rocket Punch, and it's no wonder she has one of the shortest training periods out of everyone under JYP entertainment. 


BAE was cast by a JYP Entertainment staff in the 8th grade while walking to school, and joined JYP in December 2018, going on to become one of the vocalists in NMIXX. Fans had the first glimpse of her on the JYP Trainee Homecoming Showcase in 2019, with many drawing similarities between her and MAMAMOO's Solar. Unbeknownst to some, she sometimes goes by the nickname Yiyi. 


Korean-Australian LILY is the resident belter of the group. With her soulful vocals and charming tone, it's no wonder she is dubbed the group's main vocalist. LILY isn't an unknown face, and many might have recognized her from K-pop Star Season 4, where she came in 4th place, landing a contract with JYPE. Tenacity is the word for LILY, who trained for a total of 6 years and 6 months before debuting with NMIXX. Fans couldn't be more excited to see her shine on stage. 

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