Fans tell us what they miss most about going to gigs

Fans tell us what they miss most about going to gigs

It's nice to look back at the good times of finding love in the moshpit. The closeness of the crowd, the loudness of the music, the wonderful feeling you get when you meet your favorite bands—these are the little things we can't have right now.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire world to shift to survival mode with no guide and no parachutes, keeping everyone indoors and shutting down small businesses all over, including the music scene. It's been a while since we've all gotten together under one roof to meet our friends, make new ones, grab a drink or two, and bask in the glory of live music, and frankly, it's what we miss the most.

Last May, Bandwagon asked readers what they missed most about going to gigs. From the bands' energetic sets to the awesome food, here's what they've got to say:


Life in the moshpit

The likes of Fools & Foes' Isa Romualdez misses dancing with the crowd.

The Grub

The Itchyworms' guitarist Chino Singson and Bandwagon's own contributing editor, Ginny Palma long for their favorite tastes from venues and post-gig spots.

The interactions

Bands like One Click Straight miss their street team, The Nostalgics, while fans like Jay looked forward to meeting his fave musicians after the show.

Life from the stage

The sing-alongs and connection hit Peregrine the most, while BrassPasPasPasPas simply miss the thrill of being onstage.

The growing community

The scene wouldn't be what it is without the magic of the people.

Discovering the scene

Janlor Encarnacion, who has been documenting gigs under JLE Music since 2017, misses capturing unforgettable moments.

Setting up the stage

Red Ninja Productions' Nicole Sarmiento, Sleeping Boy Collective's Imee Malabonga, Oh, Flamingo! manager, Patty General recall the scenes from different corners of their shows.

Street Team support

The Ben&BenBBs and Telic and Friends look back on spending their time with their fellow fans, watching their favorite bands.

Getting around the city

Fans and musicians alike reminisce on the mundane: getting there, getting home. 

Capturing moments on film

Live music photographers Roxanne Nebres, Nukie Timtiman, and Paulbrai Tubera share the moments they miss most: hanging out with the band, their friends, and working with prods.