Faspitch to hold online concert, release new single 'Pain' – listen

Faspitch to hold online concert, release new single 'Pain' – listen

Faspitch have something coming this March.

After teasing fans that "some things are about to happen very soon," the 'Breathe' act confirmed on Monday (03/15) that they will be holding a free online gig via Tower Sessions on March 20 (Saturday) at 7 p.m. (PHT/SGT).

"We have an approximately 1 hour set and prepared a combination of new songs and songs we've rarely played," vocalist Henry Allen tells Bandwagon in a message about the upcoming show. "People can interact with us live through the chat so it'll be fun."

According to last week's teaser, Faspitch will be announcing more exciting things this March 17 (Wednesday). Watch this space for more details soon.

UPDATE (03/17): Faspitch unveiled their latest single 'Pain', following the release of 2019's 'Skin' and 'Flame'. The new single is part of a short story that tells vocalist Henry Allen's addiction and the different struggles people can go through as he did.

"Things like the agony of not wanting to get out of bed each day and not wanting the world to see you. You can let it whittle away at you or you could let be a painful reminder of how lucky you are to be alive," he tells Bandwagon. "'Pain' is part of a pair of songs the second of which we'll release later in the year just as 'Skin' and 'Flame' were a pair of songs that had a tandem story."

According to the band, 'Pain' started out with a "melodic djenty riff" bassist Martin Macario had written for his former band Diachroma in 2016 for an album that didn't push through.

"It's been a privilege actually to work on a Diachroma song with Diachroma members helping bring their song to light with our own Faspitch lens," Allen says.

'Pain' was initially scheduled to be released last year, but was set for a later date due to the ongoing pandemic. "We made good use of our downtime last year to write and record again," Allen adds. "So there won't be any shortage of new Faspitch material in the near future."

Stream Faspitch's 'Pain' below.