Faspitch unveil new single 'Flame' – listen

Faspitch unveil new single 'Flame' – listen

Faspitch go deep with the release of their latest single 'Flame.'

On Sunday (08/18), the Filipino alternative metal quintet unveiled 'Flame' via Tower of Doom Music. The 'Breathe' act's most recent offering follows their comeback release 'Skin,' which dropped in February this year.

"'Flame' is part of a larger story I'm trying to tell about my spiral into addiction years ago," vocalist Henry Allen tells Bandwagon. "Actually all the songs we recorded with Tower [of Doom] are all connected and tie into the story. 'Skin' was first part of that story and was really a description of a man looking into the mirror and seeing a face he didn't recognize."

"There's really a lot of leeway for interpretation when it comes to 'Flame' and I'd really like to see what kind of story people think of when they listen to the song especially knowing what 'Skin' was about," Allen adds.


Faspitch are slated to release more singles in the coming months with "something special" coming in September. "I'm excited and impatient to get all the songs out as you can imagine, but I like the direction we're going in now and I appreciate how we're going into these releases in a more sustainable and systematic manner," Allen says. "It's bringing out the best in our songwriting as well as with our interaction with our fans."

Stream the new single below.