Furiosa to mount Loomer Shoegaze Festival

Furiosa to mount Loomer Shoegaze Festival

Furiosa is set to mount Loomer, the first-ever shoegaze/dream pop festival  in the Philippines this November.

The 2-day festival will take place at Mow's in Quezon City on November 16-17, featuring live performances by 24 bands from across the country.

Day one of Loomer Shoegaze Festival will bring the spotlight to Blenderwave, Folding Bed from Cebu, Grows, KRNA from Cagayan de Oro, Lilybeth Ostman from Pampanga, PNZR, populardays, Spill Harbour and Tradecraft from Davao, The Strange Creatures, Unmute, and Washington Drama Club.

Cinéma Lumière, GYHT from Rizal, Hvvnly, Identikit, Koudblu from Bulacan, Megumi Acorda, Monochrome, Polar Lows, The Rave Tapes, SCOTT, Sound Architects, and Stellar Spectre are scheduled to perform on the second day of the festival.

Entrance to the show is PHP 250 for a one-day pass and PHP 400 for a two-day pass.

RSVP here.

Check out the posters below for details.

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