Gentle Bones releases new single, 'Why Do We?'

Gentle Bones releases new single, 'Why Do We?'

The last time Gentle Bones wiped all traces of his activity on social media was in 2018, right when he announced his single, 'I Wouldn't Know Any Better Than You', in order to draw laser focus on his newest track. He has since gone on to release an EP, Michelle, and another song, 'Smile For Me'. Now, he's back with the disappearing act for his new single, 'Why Do We?'. 

'Why Do We?' is the first in the series of ten tracks that he plans to release this year. The kinetic synths, tempered by the polished, brooding swell of his voice, make for an immersive articulation of love and loss. True to his desire to not make his music a hyperbolic means of expression, Bones continues to keep it simple and clean, exploring complex emotions without surfeiting the song with pathos. 

In his only Instagram post, the singer revealed the release of nine more tracks over the year to "begin the decade as a fully independent artiste". "I will be pledging half of all money I make off their streams to Singapore's Institute of Mental Health at the end of 2020 and this will be going specifically towards their Vocational Rehabilitation and 'Very Special Outstanding Performers' programme", he added. 

Listen to 'Why Do We?' below.