Get to know Supernova7, the out-of-this-world alien band in Coldplay and BTS' 'My Universe'

Get to know Supernova7, the out-of-this-world alien band in Coldplay and BTS' 'My Universe'

Aside from the incredible out-of-this-universe set, and Coldplay and BTS' combined star power, there was another thing that caught our eye in the music video for 'My Universe' – the wicked cool alien band. 

Fitting to the song's theme of borderless love, the music video – which introduces several new planets – featured Supernova7, a "band of funky misfits" as described by director Dave Meyers and production designer François Audouy. 

Calling upon the artistry and creative vision of Aaron Sims, who previously worked on Stranger Things' Demogorgon and The Hulk, the alien outfit comprises beautifully designed high energy intergalactic creatures that are just as cool as they look.


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If there's anyone that could up against BTS' jaw-dropping dance skills, it's Blaze. Described as a "tree-dwelling alien who loves to dance", this chameleon-inspired character plays the maracas for Supernova7 and can absolutely dance the house down. In the music video for 'My Universe', Blaze was played by actor Rober Gómez. 


Eko is a humanoid alien that plays an electronic piano-like instrument. Distinct for her metal jewellery and facial marking, she is something you'd expect from a grunge band from the future. 

Loop and Switch

Undeniably the cutest members of Supernova7, Loop and Switch are half-platypus, half-robot creatures who are small but pack quite a punch. Said to have been created in a lab, the pair play a multilayered harp-like instrument. 

Kasio Mars

Cool and incredibly suave, Kasio Mars is the frontman of SupernovA7. Made for the centre stage, the humanoid alien sings and plays a large string-xylophone instrument. In the music video for 'My Universe', Kasio Mars was played Larry Balboa who added facial hair to the alien. 

Dorean Delorean

All robot and all fun, Dorean Delorean is a percussion playing robot alien whose parts are made of recycled bombs, satellites, and spaceship parts. As part of the music, he was puppeteered by actor Daniel Delgado. 

Angel Moon

As ethereal as her name sounds, Angel Moon (a.k.a. J-hope's hot alien friend) is an angelic and translucent floating alien that never touches the ground. Characterised for her delicate energy, she plays a "dainty, unique wind instrument" that, in the music video, resembles a Güiro, a Latin-American percussion instrument. 

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