HYBE launches global auditions for their new independent label 'ADOR'

HYBE launches global auditions for their new independent label 'ADOR'

ADOR is on the search for its first set of trainees. 

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Fresh from the launch of its new independent label, HYBE revealed that they will be holding global auditions under ADOR. Auditions will run from 1 December 2021 to 10 January 2022. 

The global audition will be open to anyone, regardless of age and nationality, born between 2002 and 2010. Interested applicants can apply to either their singing and rapping category, dance category or free category which comprises modelling, acting, online content creation, and more. 

Applicants must fill out the audition form on ADOR's official website, and submit a photo of themselves, a self-introduction video, and their audition video relating to the category they are applying for. 


HYBE launches independent label ADOR to debut new girl group

The new label – whose name stands for All Doors, One Room – first launched earlier this November, with HYBE Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin as its CEO. 

In a press statement, Min Hee Jin shares, "I’m fully prepared to give rise to another change in the music industry through the launch of this new label. Without any fear of taking on new challenges, we will present new artistic IP [intellectual property] and content that will showcase ADOR’s unique philosophy."

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