Introducing: Korean indie band April 2nd on the stories and emotions behind their latest EP 'somewhere between you and me'

Introducing: Korean indie band April 2nd on the stories and emotions behind their latest EP 'somewhere between you and me'


Even in Korea's buzzing and glittering music scene, you rarely come across a band like April 2nd. Expressive and innately musical, the pop-rock band has a way of immersing their listeners in a world of emotion and colour through their music. 

Comprising Kyunghee Kim (vocal, synth), Daekwang Moon (guitar), Woogun Moon (bass), and Cho Sungyeol (drums), the idea of forming a band came together on one fateful day (yes, it was indeed the 2nd of April) a decade ago at a chicken place. 

Since then, the band have had quite the ride – from performing some of today's most popular OSTs (like 'Warriors' from Goblinand 'The Hill of Yearning' from Crash Landing On You) to releasing an array of globally beloved tracks. 


Most recently, April 2nd released their latest EP, somewhere between you and me. In the five-track record, the band translates an array of complex and often confusing emotions into a sound so healing and soothing. 

Following the release of the EP, Bandwagon caught up with April 2nd's Kyunghee to talk about their journey so far, their creative process, and the story behind somewhere between you and me

Hi April 2nd, take us through what the group dynamic is like.

We are really good friends with each other, it’s been like ten years. Apart from the process of making music, we don’t really argue or get in trouble – it’s just peace.

 Describe what each other is like.

I think, apart from me, they all have kind of similar characters. I’m the only one who always wants to go out and have a party, so our band manager and always go out and hang together. The others don’t really [like to go out], they love staying at home haha.

Who are some of your favourite artists and bands, both locally and internationally? 

When I started music, I was like 16 or 17. Simon and Garfunkel was the first pop band that I loved, it was a CD from my mom’s collection. 

As I grew up, I fell in love with Oasis. They have something different in their music like this positive energy and power.  So, they are still my all-time favourite band ever – I still listen to them when I feel down or I need a refresh.

You’ve worked on a number of OSTs throughout your career, including the immensely popular ‘The Hill of Yearning’ from Crash Landing on You. How did you react to the song’s success?

I just wanna say that we deeply appreciate the listeners, fans and producers. We just tried to be good musicians and always try to make better music, and It just happened.

What are some differences in your creative process when working on OST and your own music?

That’s an interesting question. When I write songs for the band, I just say what I want to say and sound what I want to sound – like writing down my diary. But, when I write songs for OST tracks,

I need to be somebody else and try to feel how the character feels. It's just really cool to be somebody else like actors do.

Congratulations on the release of somewhere between you and me! What story does the EP tell?

Thank you so much! In this EP, I want to say some hidden emotions inside my mind. It’s like something that I feel but no one really knows. I guess everybody has those similar feelings but can’t really explain, the EP feels something like that.

What were some challenges and highlights the band had during the creative process behind the EP?

Creating something is just tough and is a challenge for me. I don’t really want to do the same thing I had done before so trying to find something new is always the hardest part.

What is one core philosophy that drives your music? In what ways do we see and hear that in somewhere between you and me?

It’s all about hidden emotions–may be a sense of loneliness but it’s kind of hard to say. But I do want to say that I hope the EP could be something that people could lean on.

How does somewhere between you and me stand out from your current discography?

We always try to do something we have never done before rather than doing the same thing we've done. Especially in this album, we spent so much time doing this, and spent so much time trying to nail it.

I don’t know if it does stand out from our existing albums but I could say we try to sound better and we try really hard to give good messages.

What is the best part of being in April 2nd?

It’s like we’re just a family, that’s is the best part of being in the band.

Listen to April 2nd's somewhere between you and me here.