Jackson Wang teases upcoming album with new single 'Blow' — watch

Jackson Wang teases upcoming album with new single 'Blow' — watch

Jackson Wang is back.

Only a couple of weeks after dropping his English mixtape LOST & FOUNDthe GOT7 member has returned with a new single titled 'Blow'The track comes as a preview of Jackson's upcoming album Magic Man that said to see Jackson venture into new sonic territories. 

'Blow' dropped alongside a cinematic music video that sees Jackson perform alongside a legion of dancers. The theatrical visual was directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, who also previously worked with the singer for 'Drive You Home'


The music video gives fans insight into Jackson's new 'Magic Man' persona that will further be revealed in the singer's upcoming album.

In an interview with BandwagonJackson shared that he will be solely focusing on his music this year, with two full albums slated for release in 2022. 

"On the record label side, we have a bunch of very talented artists, including me, lining up this year and we're looking forward to releasing their music and releasing my music. For myself, there will be two albums coming up this year. I'll mainly focus on music this year and only music," he said. 

Beyond his solo work, the 'LMLY' hitmaker recently joined forces with Amber Liu for the track 'EASIER' and recently wrapped his 2021 activities with PANTHEPACK

Listen to Jackson Wang's 'Blow' here.