LISTEN: 2814 conjures immersive, dystopian ambient music in Rain Temple

LISTEN: 2814 conjures immersive, dystopian ambient music in Rain Temple

The sudden surge in fanfare for 2814 is refreshing, and a strange development of events that began from an Internet-based subgenre that most people didn't take seriously.

The genre of vaporwave has had an interesting growth in the past couple of years, and 2814 represents a dynamic shift, both tonally and symbolically. They were one of the few who broke out of the genre tag to present works that were clearly born out of ideas that were way past what most artists have done with vaporwave, getting noticed by listeners and writers outside of the community. 

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And while the genre itself continues to excite ardent followers with plenty of new artists, especially those clustered on labels like Dream Catalogue, Business Casual, Beer on the Rug, and Tokyo Exchange, 2814 speaks a language that plenty of learned listeners are familiar with, and their artistry is only propelled by their cohesive, singular vision — paired together with intense bouts of synthesized glory and hypnagogic drones. 

Birth Of A New Day was the first real introduction of 2814, and their new album Rain Temple is the organic continuation of their sound, and it's an experience worth partaking in — their mastery of mood-driven music has made them more confident at crafting vivid and dynamic pieces, and it's a must-listen if you're the least bit interested in electronic music, much more if you're a fan of Boards of Canada, Zomby, Burial or even Tycho.

Rain Temple is now available on Bandcamp with digital, vinyl and CD formats. The cassette edition was sold out in 15 minutes.

Listen to the album in full here:

Listen to 2814 member t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者's Bandwagon mix here: