LISTEN: crwn drops new track off upcoming EP, tommy gun

LISTEN: crwn drops new track off upcoming EP, tommy gun

It's been awhile since crwn's last release, 2015's How I Love EP with singer Jess Connelly. The Logiclub producer has been busy since then, performing at summer music festivals - Wanderland and Malasimbo, mingling with fellow regional acts on the Bandwagon Riverboat Singapore last June, and the Bandwagon Music Market Manila last month and even playing the Araneta Coliseum alongside Up Dharma Down, Aegis and Autotelic.

Now, crwn is set to release his new EP tommy gun on December 4. "Tommy gun is a project grounded on moving on, appreciating your time with people you've loved or will love, and a lot of self-actualization. It's a collection of experiences I've gathered since 2013," crwn's King Puentespina tells us. "I went through some dark times since then, and this was my way of translating them into music."

This time, crwn keeps his EP instrumental, with 5 songs on the track list. "I wanted to leave my listeners an open canvas to put themselves in the songs and translate it in their own way in a sense. I experimented with a lot of live instruments too, which I think I'll be doing in my next projects (and live shows)."

Listen to crwn's 'you, me, and our tommy guns': 

Preview the EP via Apple Music:

crwn's tommy gun EP is available on Spotify and Apple Music.