NCT 127 to release new Japanese album 'LOVEHOLIC' this February

NCT 127 to release new Japanese album 'LOVEHOLIC' this February

NCT 127 have a treat awaiting fans this coming February.

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Following their first Japanese album Awaken in 2019, NCT 127 are returning with a brand new Japanese mini-album LOVEHOLIC. In an announcement made on Twitter on 4 January, NCT revealed the upcoming record with teaser images of members Jungwoo, Taeil, and Mark

In the following days, NCT 127 furthered teased the LOVEHOLIC with pictures of members Yuta, Taeyong, Doyoung, Johnny, Haechan, and Jaehyun, as well as a group concept picture.


The album is slated for release on 17 February, according to an official statement, after months of production delays. 

Aptly named, LOVEHOLIC centers around the concept of love and how it can change the world. Following what has been a difficult year for many, the K-pop group hopes to share a message of love and hope to their fans across the world. 

On 12 January, NCT 127 unveiled the full tracklist for the upcoming record. LOVEHOLIC will include 6 tracks, including the title track 'gimme gimme' and a Japanese version of their hit single 'Kick It'

Ahead of the album release, NCT 127 dropped the first single off of the album 'First Love'

'gimme, gimme,' the second single is scheduled to drop on 15 February.

The record will be available in 7 different versions that will include varied bonus items, such as an NCT 127 teddy bear, pin badges, tapestry, and more. 

LOVEHOLIC is available for pre-order now via this link

The record follows a series of releases from the NCT sub-unit in 2020, which include 'Kick It' and 'Punch'

Check out the album here: